Frequently Asked Questions

What type of equipment will be installed?

A solar system has three main parts. 1) The modules, which collect the sun’s energy, will be installed onto racks. 2) These racks are mounted on roofs or on the ground. 3) The inverter, which is usually installed in your electrical room, converts DC electricity to AC electricity, which is the type of electricity used in Canadian homes and businesses.

Will my solar modules be damaged by hail?

Solar Modules are made with tempered glass and rated for 1” hail at 88 km/hr with a perpendicular hit. Most modules are set at an angle which reduces the chance of a perpendicular hit. Hail damage is rare.

Do I need batteries?

No, the most common type of system is a grid connected system. In this system, the grid acts like a giant battery without the maintenance and additional cost.

What effect does snow have on my solar system?

Although snow build up decreases the amount of energy your system will produce, we do not recommend removing snow by climbing onto your roof without the appropriate safety training and equipment. Instead we take these snow losses into account when designing your system, the system will produce more electricity in the summer to make up for the lower production during winter months.

My roof needs to be replaced soon, can I still install solar?

It is highly recommended that your roofing is replaced before solar modules are installed because it is more difficult to replace the roofing afterwards.

How long will my system last?

Most solar modules are warranted for 25 years, and inverters for 10 years. It is expected that the system will last up to 40 years when installed properly and checked periodically. Solar Harvest also offers a 10-year workmanship warranty.

How will I know how much energy my system is producing?

Solar Harvest offers monitoring systems that allow you to view your solar installations production in real time on your computer or smartphone. Your electricity bill will also reflect any credits your solar installation produces.

How do I apply for Government grants?

Solar Harvest will assist you in applying for any grants you qualify for.